While much of the hiring discussion today centers around the mobile movement, email still maintains a very important place in the recruiting sphere. But if you’re dealing with response rates which are less than ideal, you may be going about things the wrong way.


Let’s take a closer look at three tips designed to help get emails opened and answered.
1. Make It Personal

The average office employee sends and receives more than 120 emails a day, according to research from The Radicati Group. Much of this is “noise.” So how do you separate yourself from the rest and avoid the spam folder? By crafting a message targeted specifically to the recipient.

This means doing advance research to determine not only what makes a candidate a good fit for your company, but also the converse: what aspects of your job opening or organization will be irresistible to a particular candidate? Even seemingly simple things — like highlighting shared connections — go a long way. Ultimately, the more personalized, detailed and connected your correspondence, the more likely it is to elicit a response.

2. Be Specific

Vague, detail-scarce emails often lead to poor response rates. Why? Because today’s job seekers value honesty and transparency above all else. A recruiter who aims to educate (as opposed to obfuscate) cultivates a relationship based in trust and free of suspicion and confusion.

Whether you’re approaching an active or passive candidate, the imperative remains the same: the recipient should immediately and without a doubt understand why you’re writing to him/her. Pay particular attention to the subject line which can impact whether your email gets opened, let alone answered. For example, a subject line that reads “John, New Opening for a C++ Programmer in Boston” — is much more likely to hit home with a recipient than one which simply says, “Job Vacancy.”

3. Avoid Assumptions

While today’s employees are more open than ever to switching jobs, recruiters must keep in mind that many email recipients are passive. Adopting a “big picture” perspective focused on building your relationship with candidates leads to better outcomes than one which only speaks to candidates actively looking for jobs. While in some cases you’ll get a nibble that turns into a new hire, in other cases you’re simply making connections and building out your pipeline.

One last thing to remember? Today’s job hunters have long memories, and they’re unafraid to exchange information and share their experiences. Poor email recruiting efforts have much more significant implications than simply alienating one frustrated or disgruntled recipient. Meanwhile, savvy email recruiting strategies not only demonstrate your competence and increase your chances of getting a response, but also portray your organization in a positive light, thereby bolstering your business and brand.

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