Do your recruiters personalize their outreach to candidates on LinkedIn? Do you think they should?  In a recent SHRM interview, LinkedIn’s Head of Talent Solutions, Eduardo “Eddie” Vivas says personalization for outreach to employed candidates is key to getting a response. 

SHRM Online: What do you say to recruiters who say the response rate they get from employed candidates who they contact through LinkedIn is very low?

Vivas: First, it really depends on how you’re reaching out. If you’re using LinkedIn to send out generic messages to hard-to-fill talent, you’re likely to have a lower response rate. You really have to do the research and figure out if there’s a right fit and communicate that to them in a personalized way… …We’ve looked at where the lower response rates come from. Often, it’s from people sending generic messages over and over. When you send somebody a thoughtful message as to why you think they will be great at your organization, and you’re connected to that person through their relationships, that person is much more likely to respond.”

For some ideas on how you could help your recruiters personalize at scale to targeted candidates on LinkedIn, here is one idea we have:


And check out this webinar recording with Geoff Peterson, Sourcing Expert, on how to capture attention of candidates once you’ve found them. Even adding in one specific reference to a skill, past experience, or accomplishment will personalize your outreach enough to get attention.

Geoff’s found that longer emails with a fair amount of detail are actually better than short, and garner much higher response rates. It’s worth the time to craft good messaging, rather than ‘spray and pray’.

Let us know what you think! Do you agree or disagree?

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