Post excerpt: Are your talent acquisition strategies misconceived? Read on to find out!

The “best” strategies can make or break your talent acquisition efforts. Unfortunately, misinformation can lead recruiters and hiring managers down the wrong path, resulting in lost talent, wasted efforts and decreased revenues.

Read on to learn our picks of the top five myths to watch out for throughout the talent acquisition process.

Myth #1: Salary is the overriding factor when it comes to applicant motivators.

Reality: While compensation of course matters, today’s candidates are looking for more than a paycheck. Think about it this way: does your job description even include a salary? Probably not. So what attracts candidates to a particular position and entices them to apply? As it turns out, everything from location to company reputation. Work-life balance, benefits, and interesting work round out the list of things which rank high on the lists of today’s job seekers. Fail to acknowledge these factors, and you risk losing candidates at the onset of the process.

Myth #2: Social media is a useful addition to your talent acquisition strategies, but not an essential.

Reality: If you’re still thinking you can get by without using social media, you are setting your company up for a serious competitive disadvantage. Today’s job seekers look to social media for everything from job postings to employee feedback. The more consistent and compelling your social media efforts are, the more effective your recruiting will be. Additionally, your company’s social media presence helps strengthen your brand, ultimately engaging not only active candidates, but also passive job seekers.

Myth #3: Casting the biggest net reaps the biggest candidate catch.

Reality: It might seem like a natural takeaway: the more places your job post is visible, the more candidates you’ll reach. However, spending time and resources courting the wrong candidates leads to diminishing returns. While you may receive many responses, most are likely to be a poor fit. By limiting your job postings to key target outlets, you hone in on the best candidates for a specific job and for your company culture.

Myth #4: If you’re not interested in a candidate, there’s no reason to respond to a call or application.

Reality: At their core, job seekers are consumers: a large part of fostering a positive experience is through customer service. Failure to respond to a job applicant, inconsistent communication through the process, and lack of transparency not only affect one candidate, but everyone in their social network. Considering that a whopping 64 percent of job seekers share their experiences via social media, this can have exponential impact and may damage your company’s reputation.

Myth #5: It’s a competitive job market; employers have all the power.

Reality: Yes, the job market is tight, but in the race for the best and brightest talent, it’s up to your business to woo the right people to your team. This means moving efficiently and effectively to avoid losing candidates to the competition. After all, your goal is not solely to fill a position, but to fill it with the right person.

Ultimately, your talent is only as strong as your talent acquisition. If your hiring strategies currently fall victim to these myths and misunderstandings, it’s time to take another look. The team at WittyParrot can help you put your best foot forward and gain an inside edge with today’s job seekers. 

Check out this short, 3-minute video on how we can increase your response rate, ensure brand consistency and increased recruiter productivity.

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