In Part 1 of this article I listed three ways in which the corporate recruiting process is similar to traditional B2B product sales.


  • Use of specialized roles and teamwork
  • Building skills to create opportunity where none exist
  • The need for a highly responsive organization

In Part 2, of this blog I’ll focus on two additional similarities; business partnerships and your brand message.

Leveraging High Value Partners

It’s a fact today that successful companies across every major industry have a deliberate global strategy of building on-ramps into their business in the form of collaborative business partnerships.

Traditional sales organizations have a long history of developing various channels of distribution in the form of Value Added Resellers, Master Distributors, Independent Software Vendors, OEM’s, Sales Agents, Franchise, etc. 

These Partnerships provide market reach and if managed correctly can significantly lower the cost of sale, increase customer satisfaction and maximize customer lifetime value.

In the Corporate Recruiting space, despite the rise of social networks like LinkedIn and other on-line job boards, the external recruiting network continues to deliver exceptional results. 

These firms do a great job of staying current on the latest recruiting tools and have robust internal recruiting infrastructures which help you find the right people at the right time, especially for very specialized skill sets. 

To learn more about the benefits of using external partners for talent acquisition, read Josh Bersin’s article Corporate Recruiting Explodes: A New Breed of Service Providers 

No matter what business you are in, successful partnerships require close collaboration and well-integrated business strategy, business process, and a complimentary message to the marketplace at large.

The good news is modern media outlets like social networks and talent networks can help you communicate far and wide, while companies like WittyParrot can help you and your partners “speak with one voice”. 

This assures your joint value proposition remains crystal clear and resonates well while competing in today’s hotly competitive markets.

Clarity and Consistency In Your Brand Message

While I suspect everyone reading this blog understands the need for a clear and highly selective Brand Message, let’s review how the experts like Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte define the concept.

“A modern talent brand is highly specific, authentic, and narrow – so you attract just the right people. (We call this creating a “tunnel” of candidates, not a “funnel” of candidates.)

There’s no reason to attract job candidates who don’t love what you do and how you do it – so be honest and real – you’ll get better candidates and save money on screening.”

I love this description of what a Talent Brand should look like and more importantly what it needs to accomplish. 

It’s also interesting to note that the same definition can also be applied to any commercial product or service with a slight change in the wording.

Let’s face it, in today’s crowded markets; differentiation is essential to winning the customer or candidate’s attention and interest.

Think of it as “table stakes” for gaining access to highly qualified prospects for you product and world class job candidates.

Once you have a great brand message, everyone inside your company and your partners needs to use it. New tools and methods are required to communicate the message with measurable speed, consistency and context.

Don’t underestimate the importance of this “last mile” of the Branding process.

Producing a plethora of documents that get locked up in a corporate portal or company intranet won’t work.

For both traditional sales and corporate recruiting, the content/knowledge repository needs to be highly accessible, actionable, and reusable in a variety of channels and devices including social media platforms, email, CRM and applicant tracking systems to name a few.


The corporate recruiting organization is a key component of every company’s overall business strategy.

Successful organizations borrow proven solutions and best practices from traditional sales and marketing functions while leveraging new concepts and technologies that are purpose built for today’s highly competitive corporate recruiting market.

Please send me your feedback and visit the WittyParrot website to view a three (3) minute sales enablement demo video.

If you are interested in creating clarity and consistency in communicating your brand message, facilitating teamwork, and improving the internal and external responsiveness of your teams, you might find our new Messaging Alignment and Content Reuse eBook of interest.

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