Recruitment trends keep changing as per the financial status of the year that just passed by. In the last year, there were important decisions taken in the field of the economy that’s why the year made a drastic change in the recruitment process which has put the recruiter in the state of confusion. In 2016, we saw Brexit which in turn has slowed down the economy of the UK that has made it hesitant to new hires which in turn saves their talent acquisition cost.

Build Brand to Build Team: Many companies keep adding to the market every year with a new way to attract more and more employees but many of them lack in the way they approach the candidates. It is a wrong practice if you keep snuggling without a proper plan, the candidates will move out. So it is most important to build your brand image to tackle this struggle.

Redesigned Roles: Companies are making the changes in the Job Titles that usually attracts the candidate more. Some High-end words are getting added to the profiles. Some are adding Ninjas to the title of technical people which is making an impressive remark in the market.

Diversity: Now a wave of keeping diverse candidates in the market has started. Keeping the percentage of employees that is based on the race, culture, country, sex, etc. companies have now started to take care this factor to form a team in the organization.

Comfort Zone: Companies are also making the workplace more interactive. There are many companies who are making the workplace convenient as per the candidate. Like taking the employees with family for a work cum vacation to a holiday destination. Making the employees enthusiastic to join such organization.

Talent Rediscovery: There are usually more candidates and higher interest in employment than jobs in the market. But shockingly, an incredible percentage of CVs got are disregarded that are already sent by the candidate. That means CV is normally overlooked once it’s gone into the ATS. Innovation has implied the ability to rediscovery that is less demanding and, with the expansion of contractual workers, implies hopefuls can return around. Talent Rediscovery is making more changes in the recruiting process. Artificial Intelligence has already stepped in the hiring process. Companies are making efforts to get the best fit first by reconsidering in the internal data and then also from the outside. It means the earlier resume that was not considered will be reconsidered. ROI of your talent pipeline is at it’s optimal best.

With AI, a wave of finding the best talent in the quick time has created so it is important to reach all of them in real-time and WittyParrot makes it easy!

Are candidates constantly slipping through your recruitment funnel? The world of HR and recruitment has changed significantly.

With the job market more competitive than ever, the initial candidate experience during the hiring process is very important.

The following infographic looks at 6 major factors that can upset applicants who could have been perfect hires.

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Leading job site ‘Indeed’ recently revealed some insightful information about the current state of the job search: just under 50 percent of all job searches are done via a mobile device — a 17 percent leap over a one-year period of time. Can you afford to reach only half of the talent pool? Of course not. And that’s just the start of it.

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If you think your recruitment and brand-building needs are covered just because you’re on Facebook, think again. While Facebook is a requisite part of any successful contemporary recruitment strategy, it’s not the requisite. In fact, several other social media sites come with abundant advantages — particularly if you know how to leverage them into results. One of our top picks? Twitter.

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In the recent past, social selling has turned traditional marketing efforts upside down. Although it is a highly misunderstood sales strategy, it is nonetheless, a highly effective method. As all good sales professionals know, achieving success in sales is about building relationships. Social selling epitomizes that. So, is it as easy as simply following a herd of consumers and bombarding them with all of your irresistible deals? Certainly not. That is more like cold-calling which is the exact opposite of social selling.

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More than half of companies say they respond to less than half of the candidates that apply, according to a recent study conducted by CareerBuilder. The various reasons range from not feeling the need to respond to all candidates to not having enough time.  While these seem like reasonable answers, what recruiters don’t know is that it could be hurting their company.

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Branding, branding, branding. By now this may have something of the ring of Jan Brady’s infamous whine, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.” However, while the temptation may arise to write off the brand buzz as the latest ephemeral catchphrase, here’s the cold, hard truth: the importance of branding is not only here to stay, but will take on even greater meaning in talent acquisition as we wrap up 2015 and move into 2016.

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