The Candidiate Engagement Webinar was held on the 22nd of September 2015 by Geoff Peterson. He provided significant and crucial practices every organization can follow to attract the best pool of talent.

Geoff passed down some of the best practices that can be incorporated in your Talent Acquisition Strategy:

1. Find a personal tie-in (relationship, article, alma mater, mutual friend) to increase chances of a reply

2. Email is still key – even if you use social channels, find their email address and use that as almost everyone reads email often.

3. Several touches on different networks are a good idea – you never know if they are actively watching LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

4. Emailing someone at work – use “networking” as your ask

5. Longer emails are OK – include details of the position in the body.

This is how WittyParrot can save time when Sourcing by:

1. Making it easy to personalize your outreach messages and reuse any info again and again

2. Making it easy for organizations to share out best practice content/job information, etc. across teams (rather than expecting recruiters to do it all themselves)

If you missed the live session on the 22nd, click to View Recording of the webinar. 


About Geoff Peterson

Geoff Peterson is a frequent recruiting and HR industry speaker on advanced sourcing, social recruiting and mobile recruiting at ERE Expo, SHRM, recruitDC, Onrec Expo, Kennedy Information and Minnesota Recruiters, having appeared in 50+ conferences, webinars and events. Geoff Peterson is Chief Sourcer for Sourcing Supply, a provider of monthly sourcing subscriptions for name generation and talent sourcing. He has expertise in advanced sourcing, talent management, social recruiting and mobile recruiting. Geoff is immersed in the cult and culture of emerging recruiting communities, tools, technologies and trends.

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