Geoff Peterson, Chief Sourcer at, spoke with us recently and shared some thoughts, in preparation for our September 22nd Webinar.

1. What is the biggest challenge in Sourcing right now?
TIME. Most of the clients that I work with are strapped for time and resources. Recruiters typically have large req loads and don’t have a dedicated sourcing team. There are many free sources of candidates out there, but recruiters don’t have the time to learn about them and then put the pieces together, so they can get fast, effective name generation of quality professional candidates.

2. What would be your top piece of advice for recruiters sourcing highly skilled talent?
Stop waiting for candidates to come to you – many recruiters will ‘Post and Pray’. Instead, it’s worth taking the time researching best practice and the latest tools, and then think through your sourcing strategy. Then make an execution plan that includes consistent time set aside each day for sourcing activities. A thoughtful, proactive strategy will be much more effective in the long run.

3. How can personalized interactions help shorten the hire cycle?
Everyone loves hearing and reading their name, and everyone can decipher what’s spammed and what’s a real true interaction, thanks to the volumes of generic messages we constantly receive. Personalizing your communications will result in higher and faster response times from candidates. You’ll have to source fewer people to find the talent you need to fill a role.

4. What are the biggest messaging mistakes people make? 
The biggest mistakes I still see often are not starting with compelling, tailored subject line and not using the person’s name in the email.
The other mistake is not painting a good picture of the job, the work they’ll be doing. Job requirements are bland and don’t have life on the paper. They don’t help drive new candidates into the position under consideration. Recruiters’ job is to give the role life, convey the brand and experience they would have in that role.

5. What are some tips that sourcers/recruiters can utilize in building long term relationships with candidates – even if they aren’t a fit at the moment?
Honesty is the best policy. If they are not a fit for the position, be honest and give them useful feedback. And don’t string them along – tell them right away.
Get them into a database and email every so often, ask they if they’ve found a new role.

Please join Geoff for the September 22nd Candidate Engagement Workshop, to learn more about how to reach engage and connect powerfully with candidates, once you’ve found them. Learn more here.

Geoff Peterson is a frequent recruiting and HR industry speaker on advanced sourcing, social recruiting and mobile recruiting at ERE Expo, SHRM, recruitDC, Onrec Expo, Kennedy Information and Minnesota Recruiters, having appeared in 50+ conferences, webinars and events. Geoff Peterson is Chief Sourcer for Sourcing Supply, a provider of monthly sourcing subscriptions for name generation and talent sourcing. He has expertise in advanced sourcing, talent management, social recruiting and mobile recruiting. Geoff is immersed in the cult and culture of emerging recruiting communities, tools, technologies and trends.

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