Post excerpt: How much thought are you giving to candidate experiences? Here’s what you need to know.

Taking on the competition to win over the most talented job candidates is a hiring manager’s most epic battle. Considering that 46 percent of candidates rate their experience in the “Poor” and “Very Poor” categories, your work is cut out for you.


These 5 techniques for improving a job candidate’s experience will not only help position your company at the front of the queue, but can also lead to positive implications for your business and brand.

1. Be Thorough

A carefully crafted job posting is a win-win endeavor. The more communicative your job description is, the more likely the right candidates are to find their way to you. Failure to effectively communicate an open position’s core responsibilities, meanwhile, can lead to an ill-fated matchmaking process — one that’s frustrating for the job seeker and employer alike. Even worse, it can lead to no candidates at all: a whopping 75% of candidates admit that the overall aesthetics of a posting affect whether they’ll apply for a job.

2. Be Transparent

An astounding 70+ percent of job applicants receive no communication from the hiring organization after applying for a position. This not only means an embarrassment of missed opportunities, but also constitutes a basic lack of courtesy that poorly reflects on your organization. Begin by keeping job seekers informed along every step of the hiring process. Set deadlines and stick to them; if you do have to deter from the plan, maintain open lines of communication to continually manage expectations. 

3. Be Flexible

The most successful hiring processes are anything but ‘one-size-fits-all’. Do you want a process that eliminates exceptional talent because of rigid rules, or do you want a dynamic process designed to accommodate the best talent in any incarnation?

4. Work with What You’ve Got

Vacancies don’t occur in a vacuum; rather, job openings exist within the greater scheme of your organization and corporate culture. One of the best ways to ensure that your process works? Enlist the perspectives and insights of current employees in evaluating and designing the hiring process. Even better? Bring employees in to meet with candidates to further determine fit.

5. Listen and Learn

Hiring is fluid, ever-evolving, and spans everything from the job search to onboarding. However, only a small fraction of organizations actually solicit feedback from applicants. Social media has changed our ability to gather feedback from candidates; in fact, a full 64 percent of job hunters share their experiences with a company via social media. Engage in the conversation, keeping in mind that it’s a dialog, and one you should learn from.

Ultimately, there’s one guiding principle to ensure lasting candidate experiences: stick with the “golden rule.” After all, we’ve all been on the job hunt at one point or another. Treat candidates how you’d want to be treated, and communication, transparency, flexibility and responsiveness will come naturally.

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