Post excerpt: Still stuck in the dark ages of hiring? We’ve got five reasons why you should integrate social media into your recruiting toolbox.

It’s a whole new ballgame in the recruiting and hiring world. Social media has changed the rules, and smart hiring managers grasp the imperative: adapt or lose ground. 

Read on to learn five reasons why social media should be part of your integrated talent management strategy.

1. The Human Element

When you think of digital, automation may come to mind. However, online recruiting has the opposite result. Social recruiting gives hiring managers direct insight into far more than a candidate’s skills on paper; rather it offers a “big picture” view of the holistic candidate. This along with the enhanced opportunities for informal dialog and information exchange that go along with it can lead to more informed decisions about whether a candidate is the right fit for the vacant position and your corporate culture.

2. Bypass the “First Date” Formalities

There’s no longer room for the days of waiting involved in traditional methods: the contemporary era is all about instant gratification. Strong candidates can not only be identified quickly via social recruiting, but job postings can be directly targeted to reach them. The result? Hiring managers are spared endless rounds of resume sorting, phone screens, reference checks and other time consuming parts of the process. And the advantages are reciprocal: job hunters also derive fast, decision-making benefits from this new level of access.

3. A Better Pool

Looking for high quality, best-of-breed candidates? Here’s a hint: they’re not applying for jobs via snail mail. Social networking reaches technically savvy early adopters with greater inclination toward innovation. Furthermore, social media — and an active online presence — can help with sourcing passive candidates in addition to active ones. While the right person for the job may not be actively looking for a career change, social recruiting can ignite interest.

4. The Good Kind of Viral

There’s nothing more beneficial for hiring managers than when a job positing goes viral. Open postings are distributed through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to extensive networks of potential job applicants who would otherwise go unreached. Additionally, online recruiting facilitates social referrals. The chance of this occurring via traditional methods is small to none.

5. Beyond Human Resources

Social media doesn’t exist in a human resources vacuum. In fact, well-executed social recruiting can enhance your company’s overall industry presence and brand. Employers can use social networking to increase their visibility among target prospects. While this may not always lead to immediate hires, it is a valuable part of cultivating ongoing relationships and building a pipeline — particularly with the right applicant tracking system in place.

Ultimately, while there may still be some place for traditional recruiting measures, the most successful human resources systems encompass the comprehensive spectrum of conventional and social recruiting practices. 

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