Post excerpt: Talent acquisition has a new set of rules. Are you playing with them?


This company is not your friend, neighborhood job market. A new year is already here, and with it comes new rules for talent acquisition.

Here are four things to keep in mind when making strategic hiring plans for the year ahead.

1. It’s a Small World After All

Social media is closing the gap between geography and job candidates. If you’re only looking in your own backyard, you’re potentially missing out on candidates who are ready, willing and able to relocate: in fact, a whopping 9.1 percent of job seekers are looking outside of their home country! This no longer means spending tons of money bringing in candidates for interviews. Video interviewing technology lets you access far-flung candidates with the click of a button and no hit to your travel budget.

2. It’s Not You, It’s Us

Quick! Think of the most powerful brands you know. Apple, Google, Starbucks, Disney and Nike may be a few that come to mind. Why? Because these businesses communicate a consistent and inspiring message designed to woo consumers and ignite loyalty. Most potential employees would be delighted to accept a position with any of these brand power players.

The job market today is not just about matching up an employee with a job; it’s about matching a sense of vision between the two. Focus on building your brand through a diverse range of channels — everything from your website to social media — and you’ll also build your talent pool.

Of course, finding the right employee still matters, but doing so is far from a one-sided process in the current landscape.

3. Make Like Casper and Be Transparent

If you’re “selling” your brand, then the job hunters are “buying.” Consumers have more power than ever in the digital age and one thing that tops their list? Transparency. Today’s job candidates not only want frequent touch points throughout the talent management process, they demand it. The best 21st-century hiring practices make use of technology that enhances the speed and ease of communication between employers and potential employees.

4. Gaining the Inside Edge

You may already have access to a number of potential applicants who have proven themselves to be engaged, skilled and productive in the workplace. Where? In your own ranks. Overlooking this workforce segment is a critical mistake.

Current employees can also be valuable in recommending friends and business associates for openings with your organization. Enlisting them in the hiring process not only helps identify and engage similar talent but also enhances employee engagement.

Incorporating these four tips into your strategic talent management systems can yield promising results. If you’re looking for even more of a leading edge when it comes to innovative hiring practices, WittyParrot can help.

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