Recruitment trends keep changing as per the financial status of the year that just passed by. In the last year, there were important decisions taken in the field of the economy that’s why the year made a drastic change in the recruitment process which has put the recruiter in the state of confusion. In 2016, we saw Brexit which in turn has slowed down the economy of the UK that has made it hesitant to new hires which in turn saves their talent acquisition cost.

Build Brand to Build Team: Many companies keep adding to the market every year with a new way to attract more and more employees but many of them lack in the way they approach the candidates. It is a wrong practice if you keep snuggling without a proper plan, the candidates will move out. So it is most important to build your brand image to tackle this struggle.

Redesigned Roles: Companies are making the changes in the Job Titles that usually attracts the candidate more. Some High-end words are getting added to the profiles. Some are adding Ninjas to the title of technical people which is making an impressive remark in the market.

Diversity: Now a wave of keeping diverse candidates in the market has started. Keeping the percentage of employees that is based on the race, culture, country, sex, etc. companies have now started to take care this factor to form a team in the organization.

Comfort Zone: Companies are also making the workplace more interactive. There are many companies who are making the workplace convenient as per the candidate. Like taking the employees with family for a work cum vacation to a holiday destination. Making the employees enthusiastic to join such organization.

Talent Rediscovery: There are usually more candidates and higher interest in employment than jobs in the market. But shockingly, an incredible percentage of CVs got are disregarded that are already sent by the candidate. That means CV is normally overlooked once it’s gone into the ATS. Innovation has implied the ability to rediscovery that is less demanding and, with the expansion of contractual workers, implies hopefuls can return around. Talent Rediscovery is making more changes in the recruiting process. Artificial Intelligence has already stepped in the hiring process. Companies are making efforts to get the best fit first by reconsidering in the internal data and then also from the outside. It means the earlier resume that was not considered will be reconsidered. ROI of your talent pipeline is at it’s optimal best.

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