This blog is a collection of 100 best HR & recruitment blog posts. The world of HR and recruitment has changed significantly. 

Candidates and recruiters alike need to adapt to these changes. 

Here is a selection of the best 100 recruitment-related posts that will provide you with valuable information about the shift in the recruitment paradigm and insightful tips on how to get the top talent (for recruiters) and how to crack the interview (for candidates).

We have organized the blog posts in eight different categories as follows:

1. Recruitment Setup

2. Sourcing Strategy

3. Screening Process

4. Interview Preparation and Scheduling 

5. Candidate-Recruiter Feedback Cycle

6. Job Offers

7. Onboarding 

8. Future Trends

1. Recruitment Setup

Successfully setting up a recruitment process would require assessing the past and / or current recruitment strategy, designing a customer recruitment process as well as establishing an advisory relationship with the hiring manager. 

  1. Your Content Strategy Is Also a Recruiting Strategy by John Hall
  2. You Need a Smart Retention Strategy, Because It’s Not 2011 Anymore by Heather Nelson
  3. If You’re Not Hiring With Your Whole Brain, You’re Doing It Wrong by Lou Adler
  4. 5 Ways To Reinvent Your Recruiting Strategy by Meghan M. Biro
  6. 10 tips for how to navigate the Consulting recruiting process… by BainSean
  7. Here’s Exactly What a Hiring Manager Scans for When Reviewing Résumés by Matt Johnston
  8. 6 Hiring Managers Spill Their Secrets by Jill Jacinto
  9. 7 Tips for Hiring a Great Management Team by Marco Benvenuti
  10. Hiring Manager Forecast: What Jobseekers Can Expect In 2015 by Meghan Rabbitt
  11. How To Effectively Reach Out To Hiring Managers by Margaret Buj
  12. How to Remove Gender Bias From the Hiring Process by Will Yakowicz
  13. Designing Pay Structures for Small Organizations by Robin Rothman
  14. Top 10 Things Talent Acquisition Leaders Need to Do in 2015 by Greg Karr
  15. Four Bad Recruiter Practices by Kevin Wheeler

2. Sourcing Strategy

Sourcing is the proactive searching for qualified job candidates and it is an organizational process that continuously improves and re-evaluates the processes that the company has for hiring candidates. Building sourcing strategy requires that the recruiters mine for candidates, search-engine-optimize all their job postings, focus on targeted social media & event-based networking.

  1. Rebalancing your sourcing strategy by Conradin Merk, Jonathan Silver, and Fabio D. Torrisi
  2. 5 Strategies for Sourcing Creative Talent by Amanda Ulmer
  3. Sourcing Revelation — Work Anniversaries Are the Best Time to Recruit Employed Prospects by Dr. John Sullivan
  4. Chipotle’s Brilliant Hiring Process by Paul Petrone
  5. 7 Lies Employers Use To Trick You Into Working For Them by J.T. O’Donnell
  6. One Question Every Interviewer Must Ask (And You Must Answer Well) by Jeff Haden
  7. 10 Ways To Contact Candidates Without Relying on LinkedIn Inmails by Andy Headworth
  8. Do These 2 Things to Attract More Candidates If You Haven’t Yet by Mike Pierce
  9. Gamification Engages Job Candidates Beyond Their Resumes by Rocco Sannelli
  10. Candidate Engagement: 9 Tips To Engage Candidates More Effectively by Solutions Driven
  11. Revealing The New Realities Of Employee Engagement by Mark Royal
  12. You’re hired! The six characteristics I look for in a job applicant by Alex Malley
  13. The Key To Success: Hiring People Better Than You by James Caan
  14. Job applicants’ social media profiles now checked by companies as ‘common practice’ by Linda Skates
  15. How Can We Make Recruiting Better? by Danny Crichton

3. Screening Process

Screening in recruitment terms is the preliminary step to the interview process. There is no guarantee that the applicant will move to the next step. The HR Screen process can be defined more like a fact-finding mission done prior to the interview process. The various screen methods adopted are phone-screening, behavioral screening, CV screening, etc.

  1. The Role Of Social Media In Pre-Employment Candidate Screening [INFOGRAPHIC] by Shea Bennett
  2. Screening Candidates on Social Media: 5 Keys in Doing It Effectively by Kevin Mason
  3. The Candidate Testing ProcessThe Candidate Testing Process by Chelsea Fehon
  4. The Tricks to Getting 10 Times More Referrals From Your Network by Mike Fishbein
  5. How data analytics is transforming the hiring process by Tom Marsden
  6. 10 Signs Your Applicant Tracking System is Stuck in the 90’s by Jason Buss
  7. Balancing Multiple Reqs With Multiple Hiring Managers by Angela Addington
  9. How To Ace A Phone Interview by Deborah L. Jacobs
  10. The secret to candidate acquisition that no-one EVER told you! by Greg Savage


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4. Interview Preparation and Scheduling

Before recruiters can schedule interviews, they need to review and qualify the applicant, confirm respective hiring manager’s availability and later call to schedule interviews. Applicants need to focus on extensive preparation.


  1. This Is The Perfect Time To Schedule Your Job Interview by Jacquelyn Smith
  2. 5 Ways to Prepare for an Off-the-Wall Interview by Adam Singolda
  3. 5 tips to preparing your child for his first job interview by Mayra Bitsko
  4. How to: Prepare and Conduct the Perfect Job Interview by Siofra Pratt
  5. Classic’ advice that you can use to prepare for any job interview by Bernard Marr
  6. 5 clever ways to prepare for a job interview by Heather Krasna
  7. 20 essential job interview tips by Michael Spicer
  8. 9 simple body language tips for your next job interview by Yohana Desta
  9. 34 Crucial Tips For Your Next Job Interview by Edward Nieh
  10. The NEW Killer Interview Question by Aaron Hurst
  11. Worthless Questions No Interviewer Should Ask by Dharmesh Shah
  12. Job Interview Preparation Strategies: What To Do And What To Skip by Caroline Ceniza-Levine
  13. 6 Things That Will Get Your Resume Thrown In The Garbage by Lisa Quast

5. Candidate-Recruiter Feedback Cycle

Feedback is one of the most important step in the hiring cycle. Recruiters need to gather manager feedback, offer feedback to candidates where applicable and also gather candidate feedback. This feedback process helps in analyzing and optimizing the hiring manager’s interview skills.


  1. Stop Pretending That You Can’t Give Candid Feedback by Ron Ashkenas
  2. 5 Reasons Job Applicants Don’t Hear Back by Cesar Ulloa
  3. Everything Is Awesome! Why You Can’t Tell Employees They’re Doing a Bad Job by Rachel Feintzeig
  4. Should you try to get feedback after a job rejection, or should you move on? by Edward (Ted) Bauer
  5. How to Get Brutally Honest Feedback and Double Your Results in Interviews, On the Job, and More by Brian DeChesare
  6. Don’t Speak: Three Situations Where You Should Never Offer Feedback by J. Maureen Henderson
  8. 3 Ways To Get Positive Results From Interview Feedback by Chloe Franchina
  10. Giving Effective Feedback When You’re Short on Time by Daisy Wademan Dowling

6. Job Offers

A job offer is nothing but a formal offer of employment from a company. This process involves in-depth candidate pre-closure, offer analysis, offer negotiation and finally extending the offer.


  1. How To Talk About Money During The Hiring Process by Liz Ryan
  2. 15 Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer by Deepak Malhotra
  3. How To Negotiate Your Salary Once You Have The Job Offer by Susan Adams
  4. 10 Magic Words That Can Get You a Higher Salary by Lily Zhang
  6. Negotiating While Female: Sometimes It Does Hurt to Ask by Katy Waldman
  7. Do Candidates Reject You? The Lost Art of Extending a Job Offer by Andy LaCivita
  8. Thanks For Your Job Offer, But No Thanks by Brian Adkins
  9. Why you should accept the next job offer from a startup by Saumya Bhattacharya
  10. 12 Red Flags That You Shouldn’t Accept That Job Offer No Matter What by Kathryn Tuggle
  11. The Factors to Consider Beyond Salary When Evaluating a Job Offer by Honey Smith
  12. How to Evaluate a Job Offer by Alison Green

7. Onboarding

Onboarding is the process of integrating new hires in a company. This process includes conducting background and reference checks, enrolling candidate, pre-start welcome session, post-start follow up sessions over the probation period of the new hire. 


  1. How to Build an Onboarding Plan for a New Hire by Peter Vanden Bos
  2. Onboarding by
  3. What is Onboarding Exactly? by   VAL MCDONOUGH
  4. Easier Recruitment Processes: Onboarding by TurboRecruit
  5. Social Media Recruiting, Onboarding, and Other New Recruiting and HR Launches by John Zappe and Todd Raphael
  6. We Need to Rethink Social Recruiting by Katrina Kibben
  7. What Do Employees Want Most? Appreciation and Good Relationships at Work by Derek Irvine
  8. The Honeymoon Period: Onboarding and Retaining New Employees by Natalie Morgan
  9. Onboarding and the Importance of Motivating New Employees by Doug Horn
  10. 5 of our favourite employee onboarding tips by Webrecruit
  11. WEBINAR: How onboarding is wrecking your recruitment process by Sarang Rajale
  13. Why Employee Onboarding Matters by Andrew Greenberg
  14. 4 Tech #Hacks for Smooth Onboarding by Recruiter Box

8. Future Trends

New technologies, changing employee expectations, increasing globalization are likely to affect the workplace. Hence we are sharing the critical recruitment trends expected to shape the HR function in the next 5-10 years. 


  1. Why Social Media Will Become Harder, and Other Talent Acquisition Trends by Melissa Bailey
  2. 5 Talent Acquisition Trends You Really Need to Watch by China Gorman
  3. The Global Trends That Will Shape Recruiting In 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC] by Esther Cruz
  4. 6 Recruitment Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2015 by Heather R. Huhman
  5. Top 10 Future Recruitment Trends by Carl Kutsmode
  6. Here Are 3 Hiring Trends That LinkedIn Says You MUST Know by Vivian Giang
  7. New hiring trends to look out for in 2015 by Belo Cipriani
  8. 3 Trends That Are Changing The Way We Work Today by Jessica Leber
  9. HR Trends You Can’t Ignore by Todd Owens
  10. 10 Workplace Trends For 2015 by Dan Schawbel
  11. 5 Trends Shaping the Future of Work by Vala Afshar


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