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  • Top 100 Sales Influencers That You Should Connect On Twitter
    WittyParrot brings you a list of top 100 Sales Influencers to connect on Twitter in 2016. The criteria for compiling the list includes but not limited to: Presence on Twitter Regularity of tweets Twitter follower count Popularity of written work; blog posts, books, eBooks etc. Our main objective was to creat a list of Sales… […]
  • Channel & Partner Enablement
    Ensuring your channel sales teams and sales partners have the latest collateral has always been a difficult task, and making sure they stay true to your brand and marketing style has been nearly impossible. WittyParrot changes the game, allowing you to get your sales affiliates the content they need effortlessly. The cloud connected WittyParrot platform… […]
  • Revamp your Social Selling Plan.
    “We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.” Erik Qualman. Ever heard of “Customer is King”? Yes it’s an age old saying, but it still stands true today. Today’s customer are way more active and attentive than those of the past. Not only do… […]
    Priti Baheti
  • WittyParrot Now Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.
    Oracle Sales Cloud Customers Can Use WittyParrot to Help Find Relevant Content Faster and Improve Efficiencies When Delivering Targeted Content to Prospects and Customers
  • Build Long-Term Relationships via Value Selling
    This article is reprinted, with the author Japjot Sethi’s permission, from the WittyParrot “My Best Tip for Sales Success” eBook published in May 2015.
    Japjot Sethi
  • Motivate People To Buy Now
    This article is reprinted, with the author David Ny’s permission, from the WittyParrot “My Best Tip for Sales Success” eBook published in May 2015.
    Guest Blogger
  • Four Timeless Sales Disciplines for Large Account Selling
    This article is reprinted, with the author Rich Novak’s permission, from the WittyParrot “My Best Tip for Sales Success” eBook published in May 2015.
    Rich Novak
  • Missing your forecast often? Adjust, Adjust, Adjust until you don’t.
    This article is reprinted, with the author Paula Cassin’s permission, from the WittyParrot “My Best Tip for Sales Success” eBook published in May 2015.
    Paula Cassin
  • Personalize Your Email Campaigns
    WittyParrot’s new automated email campaigns allow you to send one to one, individualized emails to your network. Unlike marketing campaign systems, WittyParrot sends emails directly from your email server. This keeps your messages out of spam filters and makes your audience members feel like you took the extra time to personalize their email and send… […]
  • Dedicate a Specific Time Each Day and/or Each Week to Prospect
    This article is reprinted, with the author Mark Hunter’s permission, from the WittyParrot “My Best Tip for Sales Success” eBook published in May 2015.
    Mark Hunter

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  • Ultimate Recruitment Trends
    Recruitment trends keep changing as per the financial status of the year that just passed by. In the last year, there were important decisions taken in the field of the economy that’s why the year made a drastic change in the recruitment process which has put the recruiter in the state of confusion. In 2016,… […]
  • Five Things Hiring Managers Needs To Know About Hiring Millenials
      Just how vital are Millennials to the future of the country? The President’s Council of Economic Advisers recently released a “15 Economic Facts About Millennials” report declaring the generation’s impending role as an “engine of the economy in the decades to come.” Between their sheer numbers and landmark status as the first generation of… […]
    Anil Jwalanna
  • Candidates Slipping Through Your Recruitment Funnel??? [INFOGRAPHIC]
    Are candidates constantly slipping through your recruitment funnel? The world of HR and recruitment has changed significantly. With the job market more competitive than ever, the initial candidate experience during the hiring process is very important. The following infographic looks at 6 major factors that can upset applicants who could have been perfect hires.
    Anil Jwalanna
  • Are-your-hiring-strategies-google-worthy
    It’s nearly 10 times more difficult to get hired at Google than to be accepted into Harvard, according to a recent Forbes article. In fact, more than two million people apply for coveted positions at Google every year, and only the elite few make the cut. So how does Google separate new hires from also-rans?… […]
    Anand Deshpande
  • 4 New Rules of Talent Acquisition
    Post excerpt: Talent acquisition has a new set of rules. Are you playing by them? This is not your friendly, neighborhood job market. 2015 is here, and with it come new rules for talent acquisition. Here are four things to keep in mind when making strategic hiring plans for the year ahead. 1. It’s a… […]
    Subashini Iyer
  • Examining the Top 4 Global Recruiting Trends in 2016
    The global recruiting industry never stops. From the outside, recruiting talent to a company may look simple: you post an open job, wait for candidates to apply, and pick the one you think to be the best fit. But any HR professional knows that to hire talent that will benefit your company and help it… […]
    Anil Jwalanna
  • Five Ways To Get Past The Resume And To The Real Candidate
    The world of social media has created a new kind of problem where every other person is doing something to make themselves look “very good.” That need to “look good” has taken a whole new level when it comes to crafting a resume. The following infographic looks at 5 way to get past the resume… […]
    Witty Parrot
  • Five Things Hiring Managers Need To Know About Hiring Millennials [INFOGRAPHIC]
    Just how vital are Millennials to the future of the country? The President’s Council of Economic Advisers recently released a “15 Economic Facts About Millennials” report declaring the generation’s impending role as an “engine of the economy in the decades to come. The following infographic looks at 5 things that every hiring managers need to… […]
    Anil Jwalanna
  • Five Ways to Improve the Recruiter and Hiring Manager Relationship
    All recruiters may not be created equal, but when it comes down to it, many do share one common lament: getting hiring managers to respond to active candidates. While many factors come into play in perpetuating this barrier to talent acquisition and solving them often feels outside the recruiter’s domain, the right strategies can help… […]
    Anil Jwalanna
  • Is Bias Affecting Your Hiring Decisions?
    If you think bias no longer exists in the workplace, think again: nearly 90,000 private-sector discrimination charges were reported to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in fiscal year 2014 alone. Allowing bias to be part of how you hire doesn’t just put your company at risk of lawsuit; it also compromises the diversity of… […]
    Anand Deshpande

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  • Build your brand with Chat support
    A positive brand image is must be maintained to do a digital business and for its engagement with your customer on all platforms plays a vital role. Many of the customers who shop for their brands online face some issues while buying the product. To address and be precise with the best loaf of information,… […]
  • Now Schedule Social Media Campaigns With WittyParrot
    Are you having trouble leveraging social media accounts of all you colleagues in a controlled manner? With WittyParrot, you don’t have to. WittyParrot allows you to schedule consistent and impeccable campaigns effortlessly to all the social media accounts on behalf of your employees. It enables you to delegate posts and handle social media accounts regularly.… […]
  • Visual Content Is The Millennials Of Content Marketing
    The context of content marketing has changed over the decade. Though text is important, visual content shows an emerging paradigm for a successful social media plan. As 90% of information that enters the human brain is non-verbal, visual content should be considered as a powerful tool today. Considering the overwhelming impact, a company can utilize… […]
    Smita Avanindra
  • Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Customer Acquisition
    Post excerpt: Short on a marketing budget? Using guerilla marketing tactics to acquire new customers can have rewarding benefits. Here are a few interesting tips to help!
    Subashini Iyer
  • 100 Best Blog Posts for Smart Content Marketers | 2015 Edition
    Content is a strategic asset for companies today. Content marketing should be used to engage your customer and establish your company as an authority in your field.
  • 50 Customer Service Professionals to Follow on Twitter in 2015
    Customer Service is vital to the success of your entire organization. Quality Customer Service is directly tied to customer retention, customer acquisition, churn reduction, brand promotion and profitability.
  • 100 Content Marketers to Follow on Twitter in 2015
    We at WittyParrot aim to help you produce and efficiently use content that sells your strengths, getting you the business you need to flourish. This dedication to helping you look good extends beyond our product and into our own content.
  • “Sent from my iPhone” Is No Excuse
      Today’s business requires you to be impeccable. Why should that change just because you’re using a smartphone to write emails and drafts?
    Anand Deshpande
  • Anil Jwalanna Talks to Ann Diab from Tech Cocktail San Francisco
    WittyParrot is a cloud-based SaaS platform that helps companies to “Speak with One Voice” while increasing both the consistency of the message across the organization as well as the responsiveness with which people communicate with the external world. Some of their customers include Kaiser, RMS, Siemens, Harmonic, VMware, and RiverMeadow.Sales teams in any company can appreciate the… […]
  • More Than A Cloud Storage Solution
    What’s the difference between WittyParrot and cloud storage solutions? WittyParrot actually compliments not competes with storage solutions. While we can store whole documents, videos, presentations and files, we take it one step further, so that you can get more efficiency and productivity out of your own knowledge.
    Anand Deshpande